St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

Mr. Paul Osbourne, Math, Physics, Theology

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND:  Graduated from Hillsdale High School.  Graduated from Aquinas College with a major in math and minors in physics and theology.

CAREER EXPERIENCE:  I did my student teaching at West Catholic in Grand Rapids.  Also did four years of math tutoring at Aquinas.  I was involved in Youth Ministry in Hillsdale and also at Aquinas.  I began teaching at St. Pat's in 2007.  In addition to my teaching duties, I am the head coach for the middle school track team and I instruct a self-defense program for the students.

"As a teacher I focus on technical mathematical knowledge along with the ability to reason and learn.  I'm also committed to fostering the spiritual growth of the young people I teach."

Contact me at (517) 647-7551 extension 218 or

I have my own website, where you'll find information about my classes.  Be sure to visit!