St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Each fall since 2008, alumni of St. Patrick School have been asked to make donations through the Annual Alumni Appeal. Proceeds of the appeal are used to provide tuition scholarships to families who are experiencing temporary financial hardships.  Because of the generosity of our alumni,  an average of 28 students each year are able to continue their education at St. Patrick School.


Thank you to all alumni who have responded to our annual Alumni Appeal.  Donations can be made through Online Giving or mail  your donation to Alumni Appeal, 140 Church Street, Portland, MI 48875.  Thank you! 

Lost Sheep

If you have current address information on any of these Lost Sheep, please contact Amy Smith ( 140 Church Street, Portland, MI 48875.  (517) 647-6505 ext. 410. Or, send e-mail to Shamrock Editor.  (Last updated on June 21, 2018)


1956 Duane Irrer

1959 Joyce Davis

1961 John D. Pung

1964 Gary McGraner

1966 Dan Lehman

1966 Tony Blundy

1968 Carolyn (Roe) Embree


1973 Lillian (O’Neill) Castranova

1975 Susan Thelen

1977 Brian Jenkins

1977 Bob Rensi

1979 John Fedewa

1980 Angie Young

1980 Patrick Ellis

1980 Marie Leik

1981 Mike Binder

1985 Scott Osmar


1990 John Huhtala

1991 Elaine Maurer

1993 Darcy Hinds Vandecar

1994 Jeremy Pohl

1995 Andy Carr

1995 David Hock

2000 Jeffrey Pung

2001 Segrid Johnson

2004 Donald Vollman

2004 Cara Monks

2004 Christen Simon

Other Alumni News

MORGAN's FAITH JOURNEY  In the 2018 spring issue of The Shamrock, there was a story about Morgan Bengel's faith journey that led her to the Dominican Sisters.   Read it here.