St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular and intra-curricular activities.  It is a privilege for students to participate and represent St. Patrick School.

In order to participate in athletics, students must have a current physical examination card on file in the school office.  Students must be attending classes full-time, demonstrate good academic standing and appropriate conduct.  

St. Patrick is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and the Central Michigan Athletic Conference (CMAC), and abides by all of the rules of the two organizations.

Extracurricular (9-12)

Shamrock Athletics

  • Baseball
  • Basketball-Boys
  • Basketball-Girls
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Volleyball

Student Council

National Honor Society

Quiz Bowl

STIC (Spiritual Teens in Christ)

SAT (Student Ambassador Team)

SFL (Students for Life)

German Club

Spanish Club

Sanchin-Ryu Karate

Lego League Robotics

Drama Club  

The Rock Pile*

Big Rocks/Little Rocks**

Shamrock Art Attack***

Portland Federal Credit Union Student Branch

Extracurricular (K-8)

Shamrock Athletics

  • Football (5-8)
  • Track (7-8)
  • Basketball-Girls & Boys(5-8)
  • Volleyball (5-8)
  • Cheerleading

Drama Club (3-8)

Lego League Robotics (K-8) 

Middle School Student Council

Sanchin-Ryu Karate (K-8)

Big Rocks/Little Rocks (K-8)

Chess Club (3-8)

Science Olympiad

Shamrock Art Attack*** (6-8)

Portland Federal Credit Union Student Branch

After School Bowling****

Activities vary from year to year; therefore, we request that you call the school office if you have questions about current activities.

You can also contact the school office (517-647-7551) for additional information (phone numbers for activity leaders, etc.).


  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Basic First Aid Training/CPR
  • Youth Ministry Group
  • Liturgical Music Group (Choir)
  • Yearbook
  • Drug/Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE)

*The Rock Pile

You've heard of Michigan State's Izzone!  You know about Duke's Cameron Crazies!  The students at St. Patrick's have their own enthusiastic cheering section, dubbed The Rockpile!  Founded in 2005 by John Thelen, Josh Kramer and Luke Schrauben, with guidance from Mr. Al Schrauben, the Rockpile creates a lot of noise and enthusiasm as they cheer for the Shamrock teams.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the students keep all of their cheers positive and directed at our own teams. The Rockpile only cheers for the Shamrocks, not against their opponents.  Originally, the Rockpile was open only to the high school students, but it was so popular that it is now opened to junior high students as well. 

**Big Rocks Little Rocks

Big Rocks Little Rocks is a very successful mentoring program which involves nearly every student in the school.  Each student in DK through 5th grade is a Little Rock who is paired with a Big Rock, an older student in grades 6-12.    For complete information on this extraordinary program, please visit its webpage.

***Shamrock Art Attack

The Shamrock Art Attack is a 4-H Club for students in grades 6-12.  It runs during the second semester of the school year.

Portland Federal Credit Union Student Run Branch

The student-run branch of the PFCU began at St. Patrick School during the 2008-09 school year.  It is open every Tuesday during the lunch period in the multi-purpose room.  It is available to all students in grades 2-12, and students are encouraged to become good savers by using this service. 

****After School Bowling

Through an agreement with the Meadow Bowl Lanes in Portland, elementary students are given the opportunity to participate in after school bowling sessions twice a year.  Transportation is provided from the school to the bowling alley.