St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

Directions to St. Patrick School

From the east:  Take I-96 to Portland.  Take exit 77, turn right onto Grand River Avenue and follow it 1.5 miles to Church Street.  Turn right onto Church Street, and then left into the school parking lot.  The main entrance to the school is on the right.

From the west:  Take I-96 to Portland. Take exit 73, turn left onto Portland Road and then right onto Grand River Avenue.  Follow Grand River 2.5 miles to Church Street.  Turn left onto Church Street, and then left into the school parking lot.  The main entrance to the school is on the right. 

Use Google Maps to Find St. Pat's Facilities

If you need more specific directions to St. Patrick School, use Google Maps. Our street address is 122 West Street, Portland, MI 48875. 

Please note, if you are coming here for an athletic contest:

  • Our Varsity Football Games are played at Portland High School, 1100 Ionia Road
  • Our Varsity/JV Girls/Boys Basketball Games are played at Portland Middle School, 745 Storz Street
  • Our JV Football, Softball and Baseball Games are played at Father Flohe Field, 765 Union Street, kitty corner from the school
  • Our Golf Matches are held at Portland Country Club, Divine Highway
  • Our Track/CrossCountry Meets are held at Portland High School, 1100 Ionia Road
  • Unless noted on the schedule, all other games are played in our own facilities, 122 West Street. The gym entrance is located on Church Street, directly across the street from St. Patrick Parish Office.

Miscellaneous Information

Things you'll need to know for the current school year:

Absence Reporting Procedures

When your child will be absent from class, please call the school office no later than 7:30 a.m. for high school students or 8:30 a.m. for elementary students. When calling with dismissal messages, please call no later than 3:00 p.m. 

  1. Students who must leave school early are to obtain a pass from the office prior to the start of school. Parents must provide written request, stating the reason for early dismissal before the office staff will issue a pass. Students who leave for an appointment and return before the end of the regular school day must report to the office upon return. Information regarding early departure and time of return will appear on the daily attendance log provided to teachers. When entering or leaving the building at other than regular times, students are to come to the office and sign in/out.
  2. We do encourage parents/guardians to arrange their vacations so they do not interfere with the regular school calendar.
  3. Absences will be considered unexcused if the guidelines are not followed, in which case the student will receive a zero for all work missed. Absences must be verified by 9:00 a.m. the next day or the absence may remain unexcused.

If your child's after school transportation will be different from normal, send a note to the child's teacher, if possible.  For last minute changes, call the school office by 3:00 p.m.