St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

The Rock Pile

You've heard of Michigan State's Izzone!  You know about Duke's Cameron Crazies!  The students at St. Patrick's have their own enthusiastic cheering section, dubbed The Rockpile!  Founded in 2005 by John Thelen, Josh Kramer and Luke Schrauben, with guidance from Mr. Al Schrauben, the Rockpile creates a lot of noise and enthusiasm as they cheer for the Shamrock teams.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the students keep all of their cheers positive and directed at our own teams. The Rockpile only cheers for the Shamrocks, not against their opponents.  Originally, the Rockpile was open only to the high school students, but it was so popular that it is now opened to junior high students as well.