St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

St. Patrick School Administration

Deacon Don Sobolewski,

Pastoral Associate

St. Patrick School Teachers/Counselors

Terry Austen

High school Math

 "What I enjoy most about St. Pat's is that Catholicism is ingrained throughout the whole school - not just in religion class. I enjoy being an intimate participant in that, as well as living out the school's mission statement. I also am a huge fan of the small class sizes to enable a significant amount of 1-on-1 interaction." 

Anne Bennett

High School English

Khristie Cook

4th Grade

"School is an important part of a child's life!  This is a time of learning, both mentally and socially.  As a teacher, I hope to guide the children to grow in their understanding in these areas.  In the classroom we use a variety of methods to help the students achieve.  We use visuals, hands on activities, and group activities to enhance lessons.  We are also blessed that we can bring our faith and God into our teachings, which strengthen our relationships with each other.  The opportunity to pray with our students is a very wonderful and powerful experience to share with our young people.  St. Patrick School has been a wonderful place to send our own children and to teach!"

Mary Cook

2nd Grade

"I enjoy investigating innovative methods to help each learner to achieve his/her potential. St. Patrick School offers me a unique opportunity to watch former students grow and flourish as they move through their education at St. Pat's.  It's great that you can identify each student by name as they walk into your classroom on the first day of school because you have had interactions with them as they progressed to your grade level."

Judy Fleischer

2nd Grade

"When I was in elementary school I had a teacher who inspired and pushed me to do my best.  I went from average grades to above average grades and to enjoying school.  I want to inspire students the same way I was.  Many people have asked me over the years why I teach at St. Patrick School.  I tell them that I love the fact that I can bring my faith into every subject and being in a Christ-centered environment.  I also appreciate the parent support and involvement in school activities. I need something and there it is."

Jenny Garcia


Joanne Goodman

3rd Grade

"Getting kids excited about learning and having fun is the key.  St. Pat's is a great place to teach.  The families are wonderful and the support is great.  The best part is seeing my students grow from children to adults, all at the same school." 

Erica Gorzen


“St. Patrick’s School is filled with amazing, creative, funny, unique, and wonderful people! I enjoy working with the students, staff, and parents to create amazing work and to help the success of every student. It is a joy to watch students grow and develop. I am so blessed to be able to work with students of all ages and see how they reach their greatest potential!”

Dr. Laura Huggler


"It is an honor to be teaching Latin at St. Patrick High School. Latin remains a viable language—over 2,000 years old and counting. Students who study Latin have better English reading comprehension, a broader vocabulary and enhanced critical thinking skills. To quote Caesar: “Veni, Vidi, Vici!”

Val Hynes-McCaul


"What a privilege it is to work with your children!  Being in a school setting and being able to pray freely, share scripture and God’s love for us has been a refreshing blessing in my life."

Amber Ingraham

Middle School

Erin Martin

Middle School

"New thoughts and ideas are being used every day.  It is important to take the new and mix it with what works already to provide the best learning experience for every student."

Paul Osbourne

High school Math, Physics, Theology

"As a teacher I focus on technical mathematical knowledge along with the ability to reason and learn.  I'm also committed to fostering the spiritual growth of the young people I teach."

Brett Pettit

Physical Education

Dan Rockey

High School Theology

Bob Powers

Elementary Computers

Pat Russman

Middle School

"I believe the students learn best when they know they are important.  I also believe that true learning takes place when the students take ownership of the learning process.  St. Patrick's is a great place to work, and I am proud to be a Shamrock.  The students and families are fun to be involved with.  I like the direction of the school and appreciate the efforts of all that make it great."

Stacy Russman


"I feel it is important for my students to develop spiritually as well as academically.  I set high, yet realistic expectations for my students and try to meet their individual needs, so they may work to the best of their abilities.  I incorporate various learning styles so I can meet all my students' needs. I enjoy working at St. Patrick School.  I love that I can bring Jesus into all of our studies.  The parental support at St. Pat's is fantastic!"

Kaye Sandborn

Social Studies

After graduating from St. Pat’s, having my three daughters graduate from St. Pat’s and now teaching at St. Pat’s, I feel like I have come full circle.  I am grateful to be part of an education process that includes Christ daily.  The staff and students are enjoyable.  I am truly blessed to be teaching at St. Patrick’s.”

Diane Simon

1st grade

"After all these years, I still love my job!  I try to remember that every day is a new day - that each day a most wonderful gift from God.  I want these young Shamrocks to have a healthy balance of work and play and help them realize the power of prayer."  

Jan Simon

Middle School

"Students rise to the occasion and meet expectations set for them here at St. Patrick's.  Because we strive for excellence, we get the most out of each student. 

Working at St. Pat's is a gift.  Having DK through 12th grade all in one building, where you can educate in a Christ-centered environment is a special, unique experience!"

Cortney Smith


"I love how joyful the children are every day and how each child develops a confidence in his or her own abilities!  I believe education is a partnership of the teacher, parents and student working together to achieve goals.  I take great pride in communication and getting to the whole student.   I am committed to creating excitement and growth both spiritually and academically.  I will guide and encourage your child, celebrating each step of the way as he or she gains a love of learning, self-confidence and skills that form a foundation for continued success!"  

Jordan Smith

High School Science

“I feel blessing to be part of such a Christ-like community!  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the St. Patrick school family as I help open the eyes of our students to the wonders of God’s creation!”

Sr. Anna Rose

8th Grade Religion

Gayle Thelen

5th Grade

“St. Patrick School is a great place to teach, learn, and grow. As a teacher and a parent of three St. Patrick graduates, I’m confident that each child is receiving a quality education while their faith is incorporated into the curriculum daily. The support of the staff, students, and parents at St. Pat’s is phenomenal!  GO ROCKS!”

Aaron Thelen

Preschool Director

Amy Weems

Developmental Kindergarten

"St. Patrick School is very dear to my heart. I am part of a four-generation span that attended and graduated from here. It's very exciting to be able to send my own children here, as well! When I walk the halls at St. Pat's, I have this "at home" feeling that I know I wouldn't have at any other school. I love that I can incorporate Jesus and our faith into every aspect of our school day. It brings me a sense of great peace knowing that I can pray with my students whenever we want or need to."

Carol Kahn

Preschool Aide

Merry Hass

Preschool Aide

Other School Staff

LuAnn Kinsman,

Administrative Assistant

Janet Pung,

Administrative Assistant

Therese Jandernoa,

Liturgical Music

Pat Heckman,

Maintenance Supervisor

Audra Pline,

Hot Lunch Supervisor

Jane Finkbeiner,


Penny Fedewa


Dave Ward, 


Gerry O'Brien,


Katherine Martin


Mary Thelen