St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

What is STIC?

STIC is the fun acronym for Spiritual Teens in Charge/Christ

STIC is a group of students and adults ministering to the students and staff of St Patrick School.

How Do You Become a STIC Member?

For first year members, students are chosen by class nomination.  From there students are given the option to return the next year.  And new members are also selected with input from the STIC team.

Who Belongs to STIC?

Our STIC team consists of students from each class in the high school.  We also have adult leaders who work with us. Last but not least former STIC members help out as needed and also support us with their prayers.

What Does the STIC Team Do?

Some of the activities we help organize and lead include all school prayer services, especially during the Advent and Lenten seasons.  We give witnesses of our faith.  We lead in song.  We create and show videos, both funny and serious, to help with Catechesis, opportunities for prayer, and strengthening our faith community. 

A big highlight of our year is that we organize and put on a retreat for middle school students.  In the 2011-12 school year (our first year), our retreat focused on seeing ourselves in God's image, as He created us.  We brought together middle schoolers from St Pats and Sts Peter and Paul in Ionia to pray, worship, and deepen their faith with us.  We were even fortunate enough to have Father Larry orchestrate a time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!  Students left the retreat fulfilled, renewed, and thanking us for a great experience.  As the teen leaders, we left the retreat inspired to continue acting as the hands and feet of Jesus.

As STIC members we have the chance to practice and share our faith, and also to develop leadership qualities.  We all feel that serving on the STIC team draws us closer to God, helps us learn more about our faith and ourselves, and helps us build community in a God-centered group with awesome peers.  We like that since we are all high school students, that it is easy to obtain feedback from our peers.  We like their input so we can continue to get better at serving God and our school community.  


Q. Why did you choose to serve for a second year? 

A. I felt called by God to continue on my STIC journey.

Q. How did you feel about your nomination to the team?

A. I was nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect, but eventually I got used to the idea and I liked STIC because it was fun.  I felt like I was doing something useful.

Q. Can you explain your experience?

A.  We were just getting started.  We weren't experienced, but we were trying to invest in the spiritual education of our fellow students.  It overall made me a better person.

Q. Why did you want to join STIC?

A. It seemed like a lot of fun and I thought I could help others with their faith as they helped me.

What has made you want to come back to STIC?

A. I enjoyed my first year and I got a lot of positive feedback.  I wanted to get another chance to help my fellow students dive deeper in faith.