St. Patrick Catholic School

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Student Referral Program

St. Patrick School Student Referral Program!  As a registered school family you have experienced first hand the quality education St. Patrick's has to offer.  Now it's time to share our enthusiasm and faith with others.  St. Patrick School is offering up to $300 in tuition incentives for parents who are successful in seeking out and finalizing a new family registration. 
Here’s how it works:

  •   Both parties must sign the Student Referral Program Form available at the school office or by clicking here. 
  •   The new family must remain in our school system for the entire school year.
  •   A $150 credit will be issued if the new family is enrolling a Pre-K student ONLY.  
  •   All other referrals will be issued a $300 credit. 
  •   Credit does not apply to Pre-school referrals.
  •   The credit will be applied toward next year's tuition.  
  •   If multiple families refer a new family they will share the credit.
  •   Credit can be claimed only by the parents/guardians of a current student family.  It is not transferable.

St. Patrick Catholic School encourages you to talk to your friends, family members, and neighbors to let them know why you have chosen St. Patrick School.  The Student Referral Program rewards existing families, gets a new family involved in an excellent school system, and of course increases enrollment.  When we grow the school, we grow together, and strengthen the stability of the school.
If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 517-647-7551.  Print the Student Referral Form.