St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

High School Student Council News

St. Patrick Student Council is made up of the class officers from each class.


  1. President: Alana Brown
  2. V. President: Annie Gunderman
  3. Secretary: Lexi Hass
  4. Treasurer: Brandon Scheurer


  1. President: Leah Kissane
  2. V. President: Tyler Coyne
  3. Secretary: Riley Kissane
  4. Treasurer: Anna Schasser


  1. President: Emma Scheurer
  2. V. President: Brian Kwiecinski
  3. Secretary: Devon FoxElster
  4. Treasurer: Amy Shaw


  1. President: Carly Scheurer
  2. V. President: Cole Kinsman
  3. Secretary: Jamelyn Forist
  4. Treasurer: Abby Weller

Advisors: Terry Austen, Charles Holman, Kaye Sandborn, Paul Osbourne, Jessica Dorsky

Letter From the High School Student Council President

(Posted September 13, 2017)

It is a great honor being voted as student council president for the 2017-2018 school year. The student council has a lot of new exciting things in store for the student body. 

We're starting off the school year with plans for a very fun and successful homecoming. We will have a great homecoming week, full of spirit, where the high school students can participate by dressing up. We'll carry on traditions of the pep-rally and playing games that have been a part of the pep-rally since we were young. We've also added new fun games to involve as many students as possible.

The student council is excited for the events of this year to come, one being Catholic school’s week. This will be another fun week full of dressing up and supporting Catholic school unity. The student council will be able to lead the school in Mass during this week. The student council is also excited for the many events we get to participate in like Veterans Day, school announcements, and the spring Easter egg hunt. All of which promote leadership and unity within the school.

We are excited for the upcoming sports seasons after a very successful fall. We cannot wait for the upcoming pep rallies for the winter and spring sports seasons and leading the student body in spirit and encouraging everyone to get involved. It has been a fun year so far and we are excited for the months to come.

Kaitlyn Coyne