St. Patrick Catholic School

122 West Street, Portland, MI   (517) 647-7551

Try Us! You'll Like Us!

We are so confident in our mission at St. Patrick School that we are offering new students the opportunity to experience it for free!  

Any student in grades 1-11 who transfers to St. Patrick School, can attend for one quarter without paying tuition.  The only payment will be a $50 registration fee.  If the student and his/her family decide that they would like to remain at St. Pat's, their tuition will begin the following quarter. 

Give me a call if you'd like more information or if you'd like to arrange a meeting or a tour of the school.

Randy Hodge

(517) 647-7551

Shamrock Commitment

At Portland St. Patrick High School, the Shamrock Commitment is designed to make sure that families receive an excellent return on the dollars they invest in tuition.  Beginning with the 2010-11 school year, the incoming freshmen class will have their tuition capped for the entire four years they attend St. Patrick High School.

St. Patrick High School uses a sliding tuition scale.  The first child in the family pays a "first child" rate, additional children from the same family pay a lower rate.  As an example, if we use the current first child rate of $3800 per year, had the Shamrock Commitment been in effect this year and the first child in the family was a freshman, his/her tuition investment would have been $3800 and would never go up for the entire four-year high school experience leading up to graduation.

If, the incoming freshman was the second child and his/her older sibling was already paying the first child rate of $3800, the new Shamrock freshman would only pay $2925, and as long as he/she remained the second child in the high school that rate would never change.  As soon as he/she became the first child, he/she would only have the tuition rate go to the base rate that was in effect during his/her first year at St. Patrick High School.  In this example, that would be $3800.

The tuition schedule can be seen online.  Our expectation is to provide the very best educational opportunity in the area.  Feel free to call me with any questions.  I can be reached at 517-647-7551


Randy Hodge
St. Patrick School Principal